13 Funny Gifts For Your Alcohol Loving Friend

We all have friends who loves ALCOHOL. Whether its their birthday or anniversary just buy them a bottle of JD or Whisky and they are more than happy.

But gifting alcohol every time is definitely boring. Moreover we should invest in something that our friends can use often like the cool drink gifts.

Not only these accessories are reasonable but also adds more fun to the party. These gifts may seem weird but we are sure your booze-hound friends will love them.

Check out our list below!!

Peg Measurer

funny gifts

For the person who loves to make peoples drink.

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Wine Bottle Glass

This funny wine glass is perfect for friends, bridesmaids or for someone who just wants to drink a glass (whole bottle) of wine.

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The Bevometer tracks the number of beers you have consumed in your current session, as well as all-time.

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Backpack Drink Dispenser 

This is the ultimate party device. Move around and continue sipping on the beer.

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Whisky Stones

Use these whisky stones instead of ice cubes. First of all they doesn’t melt, are reusable and just put them back in the freezer to use it for the next time.

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Skull Shot Glass

These glasses look very cool once you put the alcohol in it.

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Beer Loft Magnets for Fridge

With BeerLoft you can stick beer bottles on the top of the refrigerator.

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Barmaid Opener

This is a must have.

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Liquid Red Wine Iphone Case

This wine glass phone cover is perfect for those who loves wine.

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Whisker Dam

The Whisker Dam prevents your mustache from being wet.

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Skull Decanter By Urban Chakkar

Add some paranormal to your party with this.

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Theka Hip Flask

Flaunt your alcohol in this desi Flask.

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Bar Butler 4 Bottle Shot Dispenser

Mount this dispenser on a table or a bar and get ready for the epic party.

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