7 Famous Food Festivals In India For Every Foodie

7 Famous Food Festivals In India That We Cannot Miss

For me travelling is one of the most rewarding experience. Not only I get to see new places and make memories but I also get to taste the amazing local delicacies.

But there are days when I miss the famous Dal Baati from Rajasthan and the Chocolate Churros which I had in Paris. Practically speaking one cannot travel to these places just to have the food.

So in situations like these head to the “Food Festivals”. There you can sample the food, brush up your cooking skills and most importantly satisfy your cravings.

Take a look at them.

National Street Food Festival

Famous Food Festivals In India

This festival is organized by NASVI every year in Jawahar Lal Stadium, Delhi. The fest brings out the best street food vendors with more cleanliness. Feast on Gol Gappas, Momos, Papadi Chaat, Chole Kulche, samosas, kachoris, jalebis and treat your taste buds.

Bandra Wine Festival

The two day extravaganza is held in Mumbai. They have winery stalls, flea market and food stalls. Here you can taste wines from all over the world and indulge in grape stomping contest, cheese tasting and an art show.

The Grub Fest

Grub fest is held in March every year in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. Apart from some well known exhibitors like Sushi House Mafia, Social and Burger King, you will also find organic food market and culinary workshops in the fest. They also have a “Grub Theatre” where well known chefs held culinary sessions.

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Goa Food and Cultural Festival

Held by Goa Tourism Development Corporation, this festival showcases the Goa’s cultural and culinary talent. Along with the authentic Goa food you can also enjoy the performances which are given by local bands.

Mei Ram-ew 

This food festival was initiated to highlight the crops which were disappearing. Held in Meghalaya you will find a number of cuisines which are created using the locally grown ingredients.

Asian Hawkers Market

If you are a fan of Asian food then you would not like to miss this. This festival brings Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean food all under one roof. Head over to Delhi to feast on amazing dim sums, seafood, tempura, noodles and sushi.

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