8 Ways To Wake Up Early : Trick Yourself Into Becoming a Morning Person

It is a well known fact that waking up early in the morning and doing things is one of the best ways to achieve your goals.

When you wake up early you get extra one or two hours. It is the perfect time to meditate, exercise, focus on yourself or do some quiet reading.

Also almost all the successful people wake up before sunrise. To quote it in simple words -if we want to be successful, we need to be working when others are not.

I am not saying its an easy task but once you get into the habit, it is definitely going to benefit you.

So check out our 8 tips that will help you in waking up early.

Don’t Rush Start Slow

wake up early

One cannot wake up early on the first day as the body needs time to adjust. Instead of waking up 5 a.m. right away, set your alarm 5 minutes earlier every second day.

For example.

Current wake-up time: 6:30 AM
Goal: 5:00 AM
Tomorrow: 6:25 AM
Two days later: 6:20 AM

Even though this approach might take time but in a few months you will start waking up early and hardly notice.

Never Snooze the Clock

According to science if you hit the snooze button you are most likely setting your brain back to the start of the sleep cycle. In other words YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE.

Eat Right The Night Before

It is very important to eat right before going to bed. Avoid coffee, alcohol and chocolate because these foods tends to disturb your sleep. You will either wake up constantly or have light sleep.

Makes Changes in Your Room

Organize your room so that it also helps you in waking up early. For example place your alarm clock across the room so that you get up to turn it off.

Dim the lights and use a red lampshade instead of blue (which are harmful according to science) to alter tones.

Drink Water and Grab a Bite

Drinking water on waking up has a number of health benefits. Water boosts your metabolism and you will feel more alert.

Reason To Wake Up Early

Give yourself a good reason to wake up early. Whether its a new yoga routine, a new book to read, meditation, writing a blog or a journal.

Just remember the things that will get you excited and it will help in waking up early.

Go Camping

According to researchers camping helps in syncing your sleep schedule. Exposure to natural light helps the sleep pattern of the campers in sync and you wake up naturally one hour early.

Show Gratitude

Be thankful that you got the chance to see one more day. Being grateful will help you see the day in a new better way. You will see it as a opportunity to do something good.

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