Lilly Singh A.K.A Superwoman destroys troll who asked her to work in a kitchen and make a sandwich

Canadian and You Tube star Lilly Singh recently uploaded a video where she admitted she usually doesn’t address negative comments. Its because she has two sides a nice positive unicorn and a savage that will absolutely destroy you.

But then she read a comment where a troll told her that women aren’t funny and she should work in a kitchen and make sandwiches. That’s when she decided to unleash her second side.

Lilly went on to show the guy how to make a sandwich so he could do it himself, and started off by saying, “Please note that I am using fresh ingredients, to make up for your expired thought process,” which was only the first blow of many to come.

Click below to watch the video

Roasting people while making a sandwich. Only Superwoman can do that.


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