Quirky Accessories for your Home!!

What does Home mean to you? For me Home is where i feel comfortable in my pyjamas, where I don’t want to get out of the warm bed, and the sound of my husband’s key at the end of the day.

Home is the reflection of what you are. While some lean towards neutral and muted tones some like to decorate with quirky accessories to add playfulness to the home. I definitely have the soft spot for quirky things. It just sets up my mood.

So below are some cute and quirky things which you use to add some drama to your home.Beware of the Wife Doormat

We all know the truth and now its on the doormat too. Buy this from Happily Unmarried

This pretty jewellery stand is a must have for your dresser or you can use it to hang keys. Buy it from The Wishing Chair

These Beatles shot glasses are a must have for a music/alcohol lover. Buy it from The Maalgadi

Owlish Organizer - ShopCrazyDaisy

Use this Owlish organiser to organise your napkins. This multipurpose organiser can be fixed on a wall or you can place it on a desk or a table. Buy it from crazydaisy

Indians are best known for their jugaads and desi jugaad does that with so much ease. This Pipeline Wine Bottle Holder is made with metal piping which we can place it in our bar or lounge area.

Exploring wine country by bicycle is so much more flavorful. This vintage-style high-wheeler holds seven bottles in its spokes for handsome storage in your kitchen or bar. Buy it from Rain and Peacock

This sword bookend allows you to store books and give it a dramatic look. Buy it from propshop24

These reusable steel cubes are substitute for ice. They contains a special gel that helps to keep the drink temperature lower. Buy it from bigsmall.in

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