Wedding Trend : Now Customize Your Own Bridal Shoes

What does a women really look for when she is buying her wedding shoes? Firstly it should be glamorous as gone are the days when nobody noticed the bride’s shoes.

Also it should be comfortable. Because remember you’ll be standing on your feet for most of the time on your wedding day and pain is the last thing you want to think about.

So if you find a pair which is both sexy and comfortable then perfect but if not don’t worry because we are here to solve the chaos.

Below are some websites through which you can customize your own bridal shoes. Yes you can choose the material, heels size, color and even the design.

Check them out yourself.

Purple Hide

Customize Your Own Bridal Shoes

Purple Hide was founded in 2015 and is mostly known for leather footwear and accessories. You can design your shoe by using their online shoe designer.

Start by choosing the material, back style, size and then the type of the heel. They also have a video tutorial in case you face difficulties in using their tool.


Tiesta was co founded by sisters Janvi and Helly. They also have a 3D designing tool which is very easy to use.

You can choose texture of the shoes like shine, matte or lace and then the heel height.

The most exciting thing of this tool is that you can customize basically each part of the shoe like toe sole, zipper, toe strap, back strap etc.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy these stylish Sneakers!!


Monard does not have any online tool to customize the shoes but they do take in orders for the same. They basically specializes in designing bridal footwear’s which are handcrafted by their craftsman.

Talons D’or

Talons D’or was founded by Praneet Kakani. He stumbled upon the idea of “make your own shoe” when he was trying to find a perfect pair of shoe for his fiancee.

Talons D’or also uses an online tool through which you can modify every part and color of the shoe.

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